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We gooien het in 2024 over een andere boeg. Oranjekade Festival gaat terug naar zijn roots; Elektronische muziek. Kom op Koningsdag royaal uit je plaat gaan op de Tramkade. Kan ook niet anders met onze moddervette line-up verdeeld over drie stages. Ontdek, dwaal en geniet op het industriële terrein met vrienden die je al hebt óf nog niet hebt leren kennen!

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Welkom op de PlayGround, de main area van het festival. Vier jij jouw KoningsRAVE buiten in de voorjaarszon? Vriendjes aan je zij, handjes in de lucht, viben op de lekkerste house, electro, techno, trance en meer? Samen een dansie wagen op het podium bij Spacer Woman of David Vunk?

Enter The Hangar. Ga deze Koningsdag hard en deep in de obscure romneyloods. Viben in het donker op de lekkerste (hard)techno, acid, en rave classics. Space erop los met trippy visuals en flashy lights terwijl je jezelf verliest in de diepe bassen uit het geluidssysteem.

Irie vibes all day, all night met de complete Boomshakalak family! Voor de reggaelovers de dancehall-whiners, de (dub)steppers en de jungle-heads. Jamaican rooted music in de breedste zin van het woord. Ga op ontdekking naar de ronde vormen en de roots van de elektronische muziek.

Dwaal over het terrein en ontdek Den Bosch finest dj’s in het letterlijke afvoerputje van het festival. De dansvloer is hier van klein  formaat, naar met grootse ambities. Aan dit microfeestje zitten gegarandeerd een luchtje, een familiaire vibe én een kneitergoeie sound. 

Spacer Woman is a DJ & producer based in Berlin, originally hailing from Turkey. Being one of the most exciting up-and-coming talents from Berlin in recent times, Spacer Woman now sits at the center of an emerging scene, embedded in a diverse & gerne-fluid sound: dance-floor oriented, hard-hitting selections, mixed with a flurry of ravey synths & sensual vocals.

As a resident of Bubble Bath, she’s known for unleashing high-NRG & collective ecstasy, and her creative and intuitive mixing style allows for continuous climbs & releases of energy directed at the dance floor.

On the production side, she has been gaining momentum by releasing two standout pieces titled “Tunnel Vision” & “Don’t Stop, Harder” via Portuguese Electro-imprint Ovelha Trax with emerging producer DJ MAI. Currently, she is working on her debut EP that’s due to come out in 2023.

Dutch duo Abstract Division is out on a mission. With over 25 years of collective experience under their belt, Paul Boex and Dave Miller are skilled selectors who go above and beyond to find the right record for the right moment. Releasing on their own Dynamic Reflection label, the pair imbue their cuts with hypnotising drones and expansive sonic soundscapes that manage to be physical yet uplifting. After more than twenty years in the game, they are as able in the booth as they are in the studio and it means they can react to, and rock, any given club or festival.

When not touring the world, the pair host their own Decode parties at Transport in Rotterdam, a proper techno experience and often the testing ground for their own essential tracks. The signature sound captured in their productions, always find their way into the record bags of the world’s key DJs, and each new release marks a subtle evolution in sound. Never sitting still, Abstract Division is a true techno force.

Comrade Winston is no stranger to the rites of the dance floor. Fast mixing techniques and a taste for groovy, sexy and dangerous records, especially from the 90s, have given him a strong reputation within the techno community and have earned him a position as a steady player in the Amsterdam scene.

There you can find him regularly in the DJ booth of major clubs such as Bret, LoFi or Radion, as well as for infamous events such as Frenzy, Vault Sessions and Reaktor.

DJ, producer, graphic design: Raynor de Groot can do it all. The Tilburg creative brings all his talents together as Coloray, where dance, industrial sounds and new wave come together. The release of his debut album Future Static already meant many good things for Coloray and the band: performances at 3FM, a nomination for the 3voor12 Award, and their own tour. Expect a pounding, danceable and abrasive live show full of electro, wave, EBM and a wide spectrum of other timbres.

This Dutchman has a penchant for spirited playful music. Dj Europarking is sure to come in, take over completely and curate his own signature experience. His sets consist of crafting a seductive rave-inducing, techno loaded mix while incorporating a complimentary feelgood blend of uptempo genres like trance, hard-dance and early hardcore.

After having his ravey and brazen sound of his first hit record ‘Bitte Everyday’ 12inch released on Ellen Allien’ UFO Inc. label, the next EP on its way and Europarking’s ready to push his sound to the next level.

Mono Mono is a duo from ’s-Hertogenbosch consisting of Clarice and Stefan. Beyond their affection for each other they share a common passion for a wide range of alternative music: but more importantly techno. After a few years playing on illegal raves, they decided to team up and Mono Mono was born. Influenced by many genres, they spend their time constantly digging through new and old tracks. An energetic voyage of rhythmic, rolling, hypnotic and groovy techno is something you can definitely expect.

Hekkla is a Dutch DJ/Producer hailing from the southern part of the Netherlands. This Den Bosch based UK aficionado serves up productions and DJ sets wandering between a broad array of styles and influences, favouring low frequencies, percussive elements and murky atmospheres.

In 2021 he released a track on the mentoring program compilation for Martyn’s 3024 label, following up with an EP on Bristol’s Out of Sorts Records and now releasing his newest EP on Amsterdam’s Flippen Disk.

Introducing SHE/HER: a 22-year-old techno DJ based in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. Her journey began about three years ago amidst COVID lockdown, drawing inspiration from the vibrant Dutch illegal and underground rave scenes. Initially captivated by hard kicks and vibrant soundscapes, SHE/HER’s sound has evolved into a fusion of funky beats and infectious groovy, yet rolling rhythms, showcasing her versatility.

SHE/HER went from rocking hometown favorite’s ‘Osu Rhythms’ to playing venues and stages all over the Netherlands. Including stages such as Into the Woods, Intercell and BASIS. She may be young, but her passion and love for music is strong, marking her rise as an emerging
artist in the scene.

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